What is IVR: an Overview

What is IVR: an Overview

You are getting random calls from your valued customers? How can your company make sure to meet their specific needs? The best way to aid the matter is to return to them with answers they need as quickly as possible. However, companies and the customers should not sacrifice the quality for speed. For a growing company, IVR would be the best call routing strategy to cater their customers.


People might be wondering “What is an IVR system?” So here’s a quick overview of how IVR systems work and benefit your business as well.
An interactive voice response (IVR) system is an automated telecommunication technology. This system gives customers a way to interact with businesses over the telephone without any human assistance. Clients would use their telephone keypad, or speech recognition, to navigate the menu. However, the IVR process allows customers to get interacted with pre-recorded audio that will give proper required information Clients connect to an automated computer system by phone, which can direct their call through a series of scripted prompts. This allows them to make transactions, exchange information, or reach a live representative. Most companies in the world have made productive uses of IVR systems.


At GATS, the IVR platform redirects your calls in an expedient and effective manner, provides an extremely smart and flexible solution to access information and perform important tasks using the phone keypad or even your voice.


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