Best Ivr Hosting Solutions | Ip Routing

Best Ivr Hosting Solutions | Ip Routing

The Myth about IPRN Numbers

If it is that easy to earn with IPRN numbers, the whole world would be doing it right now. The actual pinch where people gets stuck while on the route to earn with IPRN or International Premium Rate Numbers is that they lack the quality or access provided on a number and lose their customers.

But wait…

Are you earning with IPRN? No? Because you don’t have any idea what exactly are they?

Oh, boy.

International premium rate numbers are the stepping stairs to easy earning. These numbers are hotshot in the telecom industry and charges a higher, much pricier, rates than the usual numbers.

The sole reason for this steep price is that these numbers are used to provide premium rate services internationally. Services like live radio, chatting, information, shopping, orders, ticketing, bill payments, polls and voting, etc. are some of the examples of premium rate services provided through IPRN.

Till here everything sounds just as right. But wait again.

Not every IPRN is entitle to grow business or provide services. Just like any ordinary number IPRN too requires good quality and in this case, access.

IPRN with great access channels these services effectively. Not to mention these services are running internationally and any interruption, garbled voice, noise, etc, may irritate the customers and shoo them away in no time.

That is why having an IPRN with great access can really work wonders. Literally, on a cell-ular level.

IPRN is considered to be the safest channel, like totally hack-proof, and it is strictly confidential. It does not require details like credit card or bank account numbers. It just do its stuff while on the call. And, hence it is the safest.

People can also provide ivr hosting through IPRN. IVR is Interactive Voice Response, like you might have heard that lady instruct you, “for services Press 2” and so on.

This is extremely beneficial for those who have lots of different services and categories to provide.

The ultimate question is where can you find IPRN with great access? Audio Text Solutions has been providing IPRN with ip routing for more than a decade. It has established its frontier in the telecom industry and had made real sweet connections with Tier-1 carriers.

They provide IPRN with great access and competitive rates in the market. So, if you are looking to up your telecommunication business then be sure reach them and register with them.